Aftermarket Bumpers for Chevy Trucks

Aftermarket Bumpers for Chevy Trucks


We get it, with so many different Bumper companies out there and the endless amount of options from winch to non-winch, lighting options, panels or no panels, picking the right aftermarket Chevy truck bumper can get overwhelming but here at Addictive Desert Designs we make the process simple.

Whether you are looking for your Silverado, Colorado, or Avalanche, we have a wide selection of Chevy Aftermarket front and rear bumpers that will make your truck stand out. But first, answer some of these questions.

How will the vehicle be used?

At Addictive Desert Designs, we offer a wide variety of bumper product lines based on style, budget and use. Do you want something that takes your truck to the next level? Our Stealth Bumper is a direct fit, so no drilling or cutting is required, comes with the option of winch (on some model years, see below) or non-winch and all the parts are laser cut for a precise fit. This bumper provides an aesthetic look while also giving you added protection that protects you from the elements. The Stealth Bumper is available for the following years, click the links below to see more info & pictures.


2003 - 2007 Silverado 1500

chevy silverado front bumper

2007 - 2013 Silverado 1500

chevy aftermarker bumpers

2014 - 2015 Silverado 1500

chevy custom bumpers

2003 - 2007 Silverado 2500/3500 HD

chevy hd bumpers

2007 - 2010 Silverado 2500/3500 HD

chevy silverado bumpers

2011 - 2014 Silverado 2500/3500 HD

chevy truck bumpers

2004 - 2012 Coloado/Canyon

chevy colorado bumpers

2007 - 2014 Tahoe/Suburban/Avalanche

chevy tahoe bumper

What features are required?

Looking for something more heavy-duty and covers the majority of the front end? Do you use your truck every day whether it's on a farm or on a job site and need something that can make your day-to-day easier? Need a winch to pull things on a daily basis? If this is you, you might want to consider our HoneyBadger product line. These aftermarket Chevy truck bumpers are made to mold the front of your truck, built with 3/16" mild steel construction, winch options, D-Ring mounts and multiple lighting options. The HoneyBadger is available for the following:


2007 - 2010 Chevy 2500/3500 HoneyBadger

chevy 2500 front bumper

2007 - 2010 Chevy 2500/3500 HoneyBadger Rancher

chevy 2500 rancher bumper

2011 - 2014 Chevy 2500/3500 HoneyBadger

chevy 3500 bumper

2011 - 2014 Chevy 2500/3500 HoneyBadger Rancher

chevy 3500 rancher bumper

2015 - 2018 Chevy 2500/3500 HoneyBadger

chevy hd bumpers

2015 - 2018 Chevy 2500/3500 HoneyBadger Rancher

chevy hd rancher bumpers

2016 - 2018 Chevy 1500 HoneyBadger

chevy 1500 bumpers

Something that is easy to install

Installing an aftermarket Chevy bumper from us is very simple. Simply head to your bumper product page and download the install guide. Most installs require two people for a smooth installation. All of our bumpers are 100% Bolt-on so you don't have to worry about cutting or drilling your truck. If you do have questions, we are one of the few companies that have product specialists for each vehicle. Stuck on a bumper install? Wondering which lights will work with our bumpers? How about the right Winch? Give them a call! (855) 233-8992 and they will be glad to help!

chevy bumpers made in america

Made in America

When shopping aftermarket Chevy bumpers, you want something that you can stand behind and be proud of. Unlike most companies, everything we do here at Addictive Desert Designs is 100% in-house and proudly built in America. Want to see how we take an order to how it's built and finally shipped out of our 80,000 sq ft headquarters, watch the video below from when AmericanTrucks paid us a visit and we gave them a shop tour.


Ready to take your Chevy to the next level? Head on over to our Chevy page shop our high quality Chevy Aftermarket Bumpers today!


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  • Victor Martinez

    Do you guys make front bumpers for 2012 Chevy Colorados? Also , rear bumpers with tire carrier for the 2011 Chevy Colorado?

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