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2010 - 2018 RAM 2500/3500 HoneyBadger Rear Bumper w/ Backup Sensor Cutout

Part Number: R517301280103
  • Lockable Storage Boxes
  • Backup Sensor Cutouts
  • Bumper Color: Hammer Black
  • Panel Color: Satin Black
  • Cube Light Mounts

Install Instructions

Product Description

Look good from the back with our HoneyBadger Rear Bumpers. Designed for 2010 - current. Lockable storage space.

Patented US 9,522,643 B2

Patented US D751,012 S

Product Reviews

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Worth Every Penny!!!

Reviewed by on 05/25/2017 - 09:13:50 AM
I have now had my Honey Badger bumper on for just over a year and felt it would be better to give a long term review for those on the fence about purchasing. This bumper has seen North Dakota winters and Arizona Summers and everything in between. Easy install, great fit/finish. The powder coating has held up terrifically and still looks like new when the truck is clean. This bumper has seen a few hits, been drug across rocks, and I have put the recovery points through some heavy hits trying to free a few vehicles from a stuck situation. Everything about this bumper is built to last for the long haul. ADD customer service is absolutely amazing and every purchase I have made from them has been trouble and regret free!