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2017-2019 Ford Raptor ADD PRO Bolt-On Bumper

Published on 11/14/2018
2017-2019 Ford Raptor aftermarket bolt-on front bumper

Do you want the clearance and appearance of a frame cut bumper without cutting your frame? The ADD PRO Bolt-on bumper for the 2017-2019 Ford Raptor stays flush with the front your truck and truly contours the body lines of the Raptor without the need for a plastic valence.

Built with .120" wall steel tubing for strength and durability and an aluminum skid plate for protection the goal of the ADD PRO Bolt-On was to maintain stock functionality combined with the absolute lowest profile possible.

2019 Ford Raptor custom aftermarket bolt-on front bumper
Ford Raptor custom bolt-on front bumper

The ADD PRO Bolt-On front bumper provides the absolute best clearance of any aftermarket Ford Raptor bumper without cutting the frame. Full front camera functionality is retained and there is no need to relocate the OEM intercooler. There is no other bumper on the market that retains as much stock functionality with such a low profile.

2017 Ford Raptor aftermarket bumper

Mounting options for lights underneath the main tube to keep them tucked away and allow for up to 6 cube lights or a 20" radius LED bar. Our patented universal light mount system allows mounting different brands and sized lights to mix and match lights for specific off-road needs.

2018 Ford Raptor aftermarket bumper with lighting options
2017 - 2019 Ford Raptor custom aftermarket bumper with lighting

Retain your OEM intercooler without sacrificing approach angle. Venting in the skid plate of the ADD PRO Bolt-On bumper provides proper airflow to the OEM intercooler without relocation.

2017 - 2019 Ford Raptor front bumper with OEM intercooler


  • True contour to vehicle
  • Retains full function front camera
  • Retains OEM intercooler
  • Light mounts for up to 6 cube lights or a 20" radius LED bar
  • .120" wall steel tubing
  • CNC cut aluminum skid plate

As with all Addictive Desert Designs products, the ADD PRO Bolt-On front bumper is made in America. Buy the 2017-2019 Ford Raptor ADD PRO Bolt-On bumper now, or visit our selection of other Ford Raptor aftermarket parts now.


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