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2018 Ford Raptor Color Options

Published on 06/07/2017

And just like that, the 2017 Ford Raptor has been out for almost a year, and with that comes ordering for the 2018 model. Are you thinking of ordering the 2018 Ford Raptor but wondering which colors will be added or discontinued? As a leader in the Ford Raptor industry, we have got covered once again.

Let's quickly review the colors offered so far for both the Gen 1 and Gen 2


2010-2014 Ford Raptor Colors

  • Blue Flame Metallic
  • Ingot Silver Metallic
  • Oxford White
  • Race Red
  • Ruby Red Metallic
  • Terrain
  • Tuxedo Black Metallic
  • Molten Orange

2017 Ford Raptor Colors

  • Avalanche Grey
  • Lighting Blue
  • Ingot Silver
  • Oxford White
  • Ruby Red
  • Shadow Black
  • Magnetic Grey

The Ford Raptor is a performance pickup truck that made its debut to the world back in 2010. It was released as the first true high-performance off-road pickup. The new 2017 Ford Raptor released as both standard two-door model SuperCab as well as a four-door SuperCrew. Since its debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, prospective Raptor owners and all Ford enthusiasts wanted to know everything about the new truck. And sure enough over time information on the new engine, aluminum frame, suspension and other various items have been released they have decided to shake it up with 2018 color options. Because, let's be honest with all these badass upgrades coming, you want to drive in a color that you love. With that being said, the new 2018 colors are:


2018 Ford Raptor Colors

  • Race Red
  • Lead Foot Grey
  • Lighting Blue
  • Ingot Silver
  • Oxford White
  • Ruby Red
  • Shadow Black
  • Magnetic Grey

The major changes for this model year is one color is getting deleted (Avalanche Grey) and two new colors are getting added to the lineup (Race Red, Lead Foot Grey)


2018 Ford Raptor Race Red

2018 raptor race red color
ford raptor race red color
2018 ford raptor race red custom bumpers
raptor race red

2018 Ford Raptor Lead Foot Grey

ford raptor
ford raptor lead foot grey color
raptor lead foot grey custom bumpers
raptor lead foot grey

Lighting Blue

lightning blue ford raptor color

Ingot Silver

ingot silver color ford raptor

Oxford White

ford raptor oxford white color

Ruby Red

ruby red ford raptor color

Shadow Black

ford raptor color shadow black

Magnetic Grey

ford raptor color magnetic grey

Head on over to our 2017 Raptor page to get more pictures, info, FAQ's and much more. As a leader in the industry, we strive to bring you not only the most innovative products on the market but also general news for this truck as well.


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