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We've Released our Stealth Fighter Front Bumper for the 2021 Bronco

Published on 10/08/2021
2021 Bronco Aftermarket Front Bumper

We've released our Stealth Fighter Bronco Front Bumper as well as our Stealth Fighter Skid Plate. This was designed for those looking for a low profile bumper to both protect the front end, and bring an aggressive stance to your ride. The center of the bumper features a mounting point for a 30-inch radius light bar, or 8 cube lights. On either side of the bumper are mounting points for a pair of cube lights.

2021 Bronco Aftermarket Front Bumper

This design accommodates the factory parking sensors, but also provides plugs if your model has no sensors. There is an adaptive cruise control relocation bracket available as well.

2021 Bronco Aftermarket Front Bumper

The bottom of the bumper features louvers that allow air to flow to intercooler. Two reinforced clevis mounts that take 3/4-inch D-rings provide recovery options on the trail. This bumper is fully bolt-on and Made in America.

2021 Bronco Aftermarket Front Bumper


  • Hammer black powder coat finish
  • Satin black powder coat panel finish
  • Mounts for 30-Inch Radius Light Bar and 2 Cube Lights
  • Low Profile Radius Plate Steel Design
  • Universal Light Mount for Up to 30-Inch Radius Light Bar or 8 Cube Lights
  • One Cube Light Mount Behind Each Side Panel
  • Optional 3/16" Aluminum Skid Plate
  • Vented Lower Panel with Louvers for Intercooler Airflow
  • Retains OEM Parking Sensors, and Includes Plugs for Non-Sensor Models
  • Reinforced Clevis Mounts for 3/4" D-Rings
  • Adaptive Cruise Control Relocation Bracket Available Separately
  • Fully Bolt-On
  • Made in America

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