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Nissan Titan Front and Rear Bumpers

Published on 05/23/2018

New for the 2016-2018 Nissan Titan XD, Stealth Fighter front and rear bumpers. The Stealth Fighter bumper line is an aggressive modern steel plate design that adds exceptional protection to your truck without adding unnecessary bulk and size. Matching front and rear bumpers for your Nissan Titan XD give your truck a complete stylized look that only Addictive Desert Designs offers.

nissan titan bumper

Nissan Titan Front Bumper

Our Stealth Fighter front bumper for the Nissan Titan XD is one of the most aggressive looking and tightest fitting bumpers on the market for the Titan XD. The radius steel plate designs fits around the front end of the Nissan Titan to keep a tight fitment and compliment the factory design, while providing your truck with extra protection.

2018 nissan titan front bumpers

Mount up to a 40" radius LED bar or up to 10 cube lights using our patented univeral light mount system. Mix and match any brand and size lights to get the perfect lighting setup for your needs. Additional lighting is available with two 10" SR light bar mounts behind the side panels.

Reinforced clevis mounts allow the use of a 3/4" D-Ring for added utility. And the Stealth Fighter front bumper retains the Titan XD's front parking sensors to keep the OEM features.

nissan titan xd bumpers


  • Powder coat finish
  • Modern radius plate design allows bumper to stay tight to the front of the truck
  • Universal center light mount allows for up to 10 cube lights or 40" radius light bar
  • Side mounts allow for a 10" SR light bars per side
  • Reinforced clevis mounts allow the use of 3/4" D-Rings
  • Fully Bolt-On
  • 100% Made in America
nissan titan custom rear bumper

Nissan Titan Custom Rear Bumper

Addictive Desert Designs Nissan Titan XD Stealth Fighter rear bumper is one of the slimmest steel rear bumpers on the market.

Two rear facing cube light mounts come standard with the Stealth Fighter and integrated reinforced clevis mounts accept a 3/4" D-Ring for added utility. Accommodations for factory parking sensors and blind spot sensors retains the OEM amenities in the Stealth Fighter rear bumper for the Titan XD.

nissan titan rear bumper


  • Powder coat finish
  • Sleek design fits tight to the rear of the truck
  • Two rear facing cube light mounts
  • Retains factory backup sensors
  • Retains factory blind spot sensors
  • Reinforced clevis mounts allow the use of 3/4" D-Rings
  • Fully Bolt-on
  • 100% Made in America

For more information about the Stealth Fighter front and rear bumpers check out our Nissan Titan XD page for more details. Interested in other products we offer for the Nissan Titan? Visit our Nissan page. If you have any questions about these products give us a call (480) 671-0820 or email us at


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