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2016 - 2021 Nissan Titan XD Venom R Front Bumper

Part Number: F912472810103
  • Bumper Color: Hammer Black
  • Panel Color: Satin Black
  • Top Mount: 40" Radius Light Bar
  • Center Mount: 30" Radius Light Bar / Up to 8 Cube Lights / Universal Mount

Install Instructions

Product Description

Transform the front end of your Nissan Titan with our Addictive Desert Designs aftermarket front bumper. The Venom R front bumper features a radius front tube to give it a tight fit to the front of your truck, leaving only enough room for a light bar on top. We've constructed this bumper from both steel and aluminum to give you the perfect balance of strength and weight.

The center slot features our universal lighting system, which allows you to mount any combination of lights up to a 30" radius light or 8 cube lights. On top of this bumper, you have the option of mounting a 40" radius light bar, or you can leave the top plate on it and use only the center light mounts. Not only will this bring a whole new style to your truck, but it gives you a much better approach angle and is fitted with an integrated skid plate to protect important front end components.

Comes packaged with our Universal Light Mount Kit to install any brand and size lighting combination.

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Patented US 9,796,343