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Ford F-Series Stage 2 Rear Performance Suspension Kit

Part Number: U01928NA03
  • 12" 3 Tube Fox Bypass
  • Includes Bump Stop and Frame Gusset Kit
  • Deaver 2+ Spring
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

Ford F-Series Stage 2 Rear Performance Suspension System is engineered with performance and budget as a balance. This kit is a bolt on performance upgrade and requires no cutting or welding to install.

Adjustable shocks, which will allow you to dial in the valving for extreme control and comfort. The large reservoirs will help keep the fluid inside the shocks running cool and performing at their peak. The Deaver +2 Springs mount into the factory location, eliminate the factory spring block and have a beefy rebound leaf to reduce axle wrap. The multiple thin leafs provide incredible rate progression throughout the suspension travel, allowing smoother ride and enhanced performance.

System includes:

  • Frame Gusset Kit
  • 2.5" Bumpstops, Bump Pads and Mounts
  • 12" 3 Tube Fox Bypass
  • Deaver +2  Leaf Springs
  • Grade 8 Hardware kit

Check out the Article by Off-Road Magazine on our Frame Gusset and Bump Stop Kit here.

Bump stop kit patented US D779,392 S