2021 Ford Bronco Warthog; The New Raptor?

2021 Ford Bronco Warthog; The New Raptor?

Over two generations, the Ford Raptor proved to be very successful. When Ford brought back the Ranger, there was premature excitement over a possible US version of the Ranger Raptor. That unfortunately did not happen. There is good news though, the Bronco Warthog has been confirmed!

While most of the upgrades this package will receive are still speculation, here are some things that were noticed in the spy shots. First and foremost, its easy to see that it's got taller/wider fenders due to the wider stance over the other Bronco trims. The axles appear to be bigger for more strength. Could this be hinting at a bigger engine option with more horsepower? Only time will tell.

The spy shots also show 37" BFGoodrich All Terrain tires, which was confirmed in a twitter post by Ford captioned "Testing 37-inch hooves!". Another upgrade that most will find exciting is the addition of Fox Live Valve shock absorbers, taken directly from its F150 counterpart. It is rumored that the Warthog will also get a set of wheels not offered on any other Ford Bronco trim levels.

Check back for more 2021 Ford Bronco news!

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