About Addictive Desert Designs

At ADD Offroad, we strive to be first to market with innovative truck parts. We also strive for unrivaled fitment and quality. Each bumper we make is crafted fully in-house - made in America from start to finish. Bumper building may seem like an easy process to some, but we make sure to incorporate state of the art technologies for continuous improvement and excellence.

The Process

What does a front bumper look like when it first enters our doors? The answer is simple - a 4x8 sheet of metal. Laser cutting and precision press breaking are what start to turn it into a recognizable piece. Stringent tolerances ensure every bumper will pass our quality control inspections. Below you can see our laser cutter/press break in action.

Next, the pieces are brought over to a bay to be assembled and welded. Bumpers are hand-welded and passed on to our management team for inspection. After inspection, a cleaning team will prep the surfaces for sand blast which ultimately preps the bumper for our final coatings.

Finished product is powder coated hammer black with satin black accent panels. There's more than meets the eye in this process, though. After the sandblasting, we spray a thick primer that acts as a second protective layer. If a bumper gets scratched and the outer layer of powder coat is removed in the process, the primer acts as a safeguard to minimize chances of further damage.

Once all pieces have been properly coated, they are assembled to become the bumpers you are used to seeing. From here, the only thing left to do is package and ship them to their destination.

Our website is a collection of high quality, aftermarket truck bumpers and truck accessories made for all newer makes and models. You are sure to find something that catches your eye.

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