ADD Offroad Unauthorized Dealers

At the core of our business lies our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional automotive products. Our primary focus has always been to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality offerings. To guarantee this, Addictive Desert Designs products are exclusively available through officially authorized dealers. 

By choosing to purchase ADD Offroad products from authorized retailers, dealers, or distributors, you benefit from our factory-backed warranty. This warranty provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your purchase is protected. However, it is crucial to note that if you acquire a ADD Offroad product from an unauthorized dealer, your warranty will not be valid. In such cases, we cannot provide the same level of assurance regarding product quality and customer satisfaction that we offer through purchases made via authorized dealers. 

If you are uncertain about purchasing from a specific dealer, before you purchase, 

please contact ADD Offroad directly at (855) 233-8992. 

Be Aware of Unauthorized Dealers 

Unauthorized dealers do not source their products from ADD Offroad; instead, they obtain them from various unverified channels. Consequently, these unauthorized dealers, due to their business practices and the nature of their merchandise, do not offer ADD Offroad warranty coverage. 

Furthermore, many of these unauthorized dealers frequently change their names and locations, making it nearly impossible to resolve customer issues or inquiries. Some of these dealerships even cease operations entirely. Moreover, since our products are specifically designed to fit particular vehicle Makes, Models, and Years, the crucial application data required to ensure accurate product selection is regularly updated by ADD Offroad and exclusively provided to our authorized re-sellers. 

Although we strive to prevent these companies from exploiting consumers, such practices unfortunately persist. To guarantee that you receive the superior products and service you deserve when purchasing ADD Offroad items, it is imperative to exclusively make your purchases through an authorized dealer. 

We maintain a list of Authorized ADD Offroad Dealers. When in doubt, contact us directly at (855) 233-8992. 

Unauthorized Dealer List 

You can find our most current unauthorized dealer list below: 

Larson Enterprises 
Warner Lane Supply LLC 
Coast 2 Coast Wheels 
Innovative Performance Plus Customs 
Motorsport Supply 
Discount Bandit 
Find It Parts 
Dutch Goat 
Discount Bandit 
Ram Peaks LLC 
HardRock 4x4 
Night Sun 
Diesel Power Usa 
Juiced Auto Parts 
Juiced Hybrid 
Performance Guarantee 
Tuckys Automotive
GG Ricambi llc
Evansville Superbike Shop AKA