A Look Inside the All New 2021 Ford F150

A Look Inside the All New 2021 Ford F150

2021 Ford F-150 outside

In the past couple of years, it seems each truck model from the big 3 has gotten a makeover. This always leaves consumers with the burning question; what company makes the best pickup truck? We can't exactly answer that because everybody has their own set of must-haves for their vehicle. But we can take you through the best part of the newly redesigned Ford F150 - the interior.

2021 Ford F150 Interior

2021 Ford F-150 interior center console

At first glance, everything looks more luxurious and just overall nicer than the previous generation. Of course, our eyes are drawn immediately to the center console screen. Ford has really stepped it up and given a 12" option that is set in a landscape orientation. The menu navigation is similar to what has been offered in the past, but the extra screen space is extremely nice when using things like the backup camera. The trend is continued in the gauge cluster which has three different size options; 4-inch, 8-inch or 12.3-inch full digital gauge cluster.

2021 Ford F-150 interior dashboard

Beyond that, there are some more subtle touches that help pull everything together. Each door panel insert displays a road map of Detroit, minus the highways, and the sides of the air vents are engraved with the American flag. While this may not add to the comfort of the inside, it is still cool that they pay homage to where everything started. The F150 introduced more innovation with an electric fold-down shifter that allows that space to be better taken advantage of, especially when paired with the interior work surface option. There are also plenty of A/C, USB, and USB-C plugs around to keep your devices running.

2021 Ford F-150 interior picture

With the modernized interior and promise of an electric motor in the near future, it's hard not be excited about Ford trucks. Check back with us soon for more information on the 2021 F150 and more!

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