Ford SuperDuty HoneyBadger Chase Rack

Ford SuperDuty HoneyBadger Chase Rack


Introducing our brand new HoneyBadger modular chase rack designed for the Ford SuperDuty. Fitting 1999 - Current models, this chase rack gives your truck an aggressive custom look. A modular design means you can mix and match components to customize the look and functionality of your F-250/F-350.

There are three components to the HoneyBadger chase rack: base rack, tire carrier add-on (optional), and roof rack add-on (optional). Build your chase rack the way you want, to fit your SuperDuty's needs:

  • Add the roof rack for additional storage and lighting options
  • Add the tire carrier to hold a spare
  • Add both for the most functionality

Ford SuperDuty Chase Rack

Our HoneyBadger base rack is designed to give your Ford SuperDuty a tough look built from American steel for strength and durability to match the style.

Need more visibility at night? Standard mounting areas for both front and rear facing lights gives your Ford F-250/F-350 the lighting it needs to drive through any terrain. On the rear of the chase rack are four rear facing mounts designed to fit Rigid SR-Q Flush mount lights, with two additional rear facing mounts designed for Rigid Dually lights. The top of the chase rack is slotted to allow for universal lighting options. This option is eliminated if you add the optional roof rack to your truck.


Ford SuperDuty Tire Carrier

An optional tire carrier component for your F-250/F-350 bolts directly to the base HoneyBadger chase rack. The bolt-on design allows for easy removal if you need to free up space in your truck bed.

Mount up to a 40" spare tire for your Ford SuperDuty with the HoneyBadger chase rack tire carrier add-on. Don't waste half your truck bed on a spare tire. Our tire carrier keeps the floor of your bed open to allow storage underneath the tire mount.

Constructed from steel for strength and durability the HoneyBadger tire carrier was built to last.


Ford SuperDuty Roof Rack

Add additional functionality with our HoneyBadger chase rack roof rack add-on for your Ford F-250/F-350. Our SuperDuty roof rack is one of our most versatile products in terms of functionality and it is full aluminum construction for a lightweight design.

Tie down your gear and equipment easily with our integrated tie-down locations on top of the rack. We make it easy to store your stuff so you don't have to worry about it. Keep your most used tools and equipment safe inside our locking toolboxes at the rear of the HoneyBadger roof rack.

For additional lighting to see your surroundings, the HoneyBadger roof rack has mounts for either a single or dual universal 50" light bar. Give even more lighting options for your SuperDuty with six side facing light mounts, three on each side, designed to fit Rigid SR-Q Flush Mount lights. You won't miss anything in the dark.

Our HoneyBadger roof rack is an easy installation bolting directly to the base chase rack. Adjustable rubber feet on the bottom of the rack eliminate the need to drill into your cab like other roof racks.


Mix and match functionality for your Ford SuperDuty HoneyBadger chase rack with the tire carrier and roof rack add-on components.

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  • Jose

    Will you guys release more of this product? I wants it for for my 2013 F450 Super Duty!!!

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