2017-2018 Ford Super Duty Stealth Fighter Front and Rear Bumpers

2017-2018 Ford Super Duty Stealth Fighter Front and Rear Bumpers

2017 ford super duty winch front bumper

2017 Super Duty Winch Front Bumper

The Ford F-250 & F-350 Super Duty has never looked better with the Stealth Fighter Winch Front Bumper. A radius plate steel design gives your Super Duty added front end protection without all the extra bulk. Matching the factory body lines, the Stealth Fighter Winch Front Bumper is a tight fitting steel plate bumper that truly compliments Ford's OEM look.

2017 f250 winch bumper

Need lighting options? Our patented universal light mount system allows the use of up to a 40" radius LED bar or 10 cube lights in the center of the bumper. Mount any combination of brand, size, and style light to give your Super Duty the added lighting you need.

super duty winch front bumpers

Another added benefit of this 2017 Super Duty Winch Front Bumper is that its 100% bolt-on which mean no cutting or welding is required for installation. Also, this bumper has reinforced D-rings and the winch mount provides your truck with the added utility to pull through any tough situation.

F250 Winch Bumper Features

  • Modern Radius Plate Design Stays Tight to Front of the Truck
  • Integrated Winch Mount
  • Universal Center Light Mount - Up to 10 Cubes or 40" Radius LED
  • Mounts for RIGID or Baja Designs 10" SR LEDs on Sides
  • Fully Bolt-on
  • Reinforced Clevis Mounts Accept 3/4" D-Rings

2017 Super Duty Rear Bumpers

Upgrade your Ford Super Duty with our Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper. This is the perfect Ford F250 & F350 Rear Bumper Replacement. The unique styling transforms the look of your truck without adding bulk and size.

2017 ford super duty rear bumper

This 2017 Ford F250 Rear Bumper has two rear facing cube light mounts that provide your Super Duty with additional lighting and backup sensor cutouts retain your truck's utility. D-ring mounts have been reinforced so your truck isn't left stranded in a crucial situation. Just like with the front bumper, this rear bumper is also direct bolt-on so there's less time installing and more time enjoying. Other Stealth Fighter rear bumper features include:

ford superduty f250 rear bumpers
  • Sleek Design Fits Tight to the Truck
  • Mounts for Two Rear Facing Cube Lights
  • Retains Factory Trailer Plug and Hitch
  • Reinforced Clevis Mounts Accept 3/4" D-Rings
  • Retains OEM Backup Sensors
  • Fully Bolt-on
2017 f250 rear bumper
ford f250 & f350 super duty rear bumpers

For more information about this product line and other Super Duty products we currently offer, visit our a Ford category page here. If you have any questions about these bumpers give us a call (480) 671-0820 or email us at info@addictivedesertdesigns.com and one of our Super Duty specialists can help you.

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