2017 Ford Raptor Terrain Modes

2017 Ford Raptor Terrain Modes


Ford has just released a new video in their web series explaining all the aspects of the new 2017 Ford Raptor up until its release. The 3rd episode in the 6 episode run is dedicated to the all-new Terrain Modes for the new Raptor.

2017 Ford Raptor Six Terrain Mode Presets

  • Normal
  • Sport
  • Weather
  • Mud/Sand
  • Baja
  • Rock Crawl


Regular daily on-road driving for performance and comfort.


On-road driving, increased throttle response and sportier steering. The transmission holds gears longer to keep you in the power band.


Also called the Snow/Wet mode meant for slippery on-road conditions. Engages 4WD auto, throttle response and shift schedule are optimized for slippery conditions.


Meant for moderate off-road trails that include mud or sand. 4WD High and electronic locking differential automatically engage to help keep footing over loose or soft ground.



Specially designed mode for the 2017 Ford Raptor. Aimed at high-speed desert running. Transmission has quicker shifts and holds gears longer to keep the vehicle in its power band. Engages 4WD High and places the throttle in a linear power map for improved engine response.


Rock Crawl

Prompts the user to place the truck in 4WD Low, automatically engages the electronic locking differential, and is set to the least intrusive settings for optimum rock-climbing ability.


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