2017 Ford Super Duty HoneyBadger Products

2017 Ford Super Duty HoneyBadger Products



Addictive Desert Designs is proud to announce the release of our first line of aftermarket accessories for the 2017 Ford F-250/350 Super Duty. The HoneyBadger line gives an even more aggressive look to already tough truck. Included in our first release is the HoneyBadger front and rear bumpers along with HoneyBadger side steps for SuperCrew and SuperCab door models.

Protect your front end with the 2017 Ford Super Duty HoneyBadger front bumper. We've constructed this bumper from a combination of steel and aluminum to bring you excellent strength while keeping the weight down. It follows factory body lines to produce a seamless appearance while still providing a mounting point for your LED lighting. We up fitted this bumper with our universal light mounting system, which allows the user to mix and match brands and sizes of lights. The HoneyBadger front bumper can also hold a 20" LED bar behind the HoneyBadger logo and a 10" Rigid SR-Series light behind each side panel. Mount a 3/4" D-Ring to the 1" thick, reinforced clevis mounts, or order the winch mount version to help you in tough situations.






The 2017 Ford Super Duty HoneyBadger rear bumper takes the protection and durability of the front bumper and brings it to your back end. On this bumper, though, we've given you locking storage. Never get caught without your tow straps or ratchet straps again! Two rear facing cube light mounts come in handy often, especially when hooking/unhooking a trailer in the dark. This bumper retains the factory hitch and is available with backup sensor cutouts.






Why stop at the front and rear bumper? Our 2017 Ford Super Duty HoneyBadger side steps finish off that rugged look, while offering protection and easier access to your truck. Each step is equipped with an LED light strip to provide illumination in darker conditions. The HoneyBadger side steps are available for both SuperCrew and SuperCab models.

Keep checking our website for updates as we have more products on the way for the 2017 Ford Super Duty along with other truck models. All our products are 100% bolt on and made from the highest quality American metals. At Addictive Desert Designs we take pride in our craftsmanship and quality.


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