2021 RAM 1500 TRX vs 2021 Ford Raptor

2021 RAM 1500 TRX vs 2021 Ford Raptor

2021 RAM 1500 TRX vs 2021 Ford Raptor

RAM had been teasing the RAM 1500 TRX for a few years without any concrete evidence of an official release. Then, during the first year since 2016 that Ford stopped producing the Raptor, RAM followed through. The TRX took the market by storm mostly because of its impressive power ratings. Soon after, Ford had to answer. Read below to see a comparison of vehicle specs that we know so far.

TRX vs Raptor Performance

2021 RAM 1500 TRX supercharged 6.2L hemi

Lets jump right into it here. The RAM 1500 TRX has a supercharged 6.2l hemi - better known as the Hellcat engine. This comes in at an impressive 702hp and 650lb-ft of torque and is the only engine option for the TRX. For now, the Raptor has only been confirmed to have a 3.5l twin turbocharged option.

In the official press release from Ford, it was mentioned that a Raptor R will be released next year, but there are no specs or information on it yet. Social media posts from Ford Performance confirm that it will have a V8, but its too early to guess displacement or power rating. The 3.5l for the new Raptor is also said to have some upgrades that will provide increased torque, but exact numbers have not come out yet.

RAM vs Ford Interior

2021 Ford Raptor interior
2021 RAM 1500 TRX interior center console
2021 RAM TRX interior

The interior was a focused area of improvement for the third generation Raptor; so how does it hold up against the TRX interior? After having a RAM TRX in our shop, we can confirm the interior is nice! You can immediately tell when you sit down that it is a big step up from the normal RAM 1500. There are red accents and suede inserts everywhere. The door panels, center console, steering wheel, and seats all have a high-quality feel to them. The grab handles are even leather wrapped. A 12.0-inch screen is the basis of the infotainment system which feeds a stereo with up to 19 speakers.

Ford has answered back pretty well. The center of attention in the Raptor is a screen the same size as the TRX (12.0-inch). Ford has turned theirs to be horizontally mounted over RAM's vertically mounted screen. This gives a different aesthetic that is quite pleasing. Ford also outlined the option for luxury Recaro seats with blue accents and suede inserts. It is unclear whether or not the rest of the interior will see those same luxury touches.

RAM TRX vs Raptor Suspension

2021 Ford Raptor suspension
2021 RAM 1500 TRX suspension

The suspension is the whole reason to buy these trucks, right? Both trucks have very similar setups with great suspension travel, but there are some differences. RAM has opted for Bilstein 2.5" Shocks with active terrain dynamics, while Ford has stayed true to their roots with 3.1" FOX Shocks with live valve active dampening. Obviously, Ford's got them beat on size, but both have active features that the vehicle adjusts on the fly.

Both vehicles have independent front suspension and a five-link rear setup with coil springs. This has been around on RAM trucks since 2009 but is a first for Ford. Published travel numbers put the RAM at 13" of front travel and 14" of rear travel while the Raptor has 14" of front travel and 15" of rear travel.


2021 Ram TRX
2021 Ford Raptor
6.2l Supercharged V8
3.5L V6 Twin Turbocharged
Unreleased - Rumored to be Slightly Higher than 450
Unreleased - Rumored to be Slightly Higher than 510
8 Speed TorqueFlight
Ford-Built 10 Speed
Front Suspension Travel
Rear Suspension Travel
Bilstein 2.5" Active Terrain
Fox 3.1" Live Valve
Tire Size
325/65/R18 (35" Diameter)
37" Diameter (Exact Size Unreleased)
Towing Capacity

Check out our RAM TRX page for future product releases and stay tuned as we plan to develop TRX bumpers, side steps, chase racks and more.

Be sure to also visit our 2021 Raptor page, it's still early, but we will have 2021 Raptor bumpers, side steps, chase racks and more as soon as we possibly can.


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