2022 Bronco Raptor Details & First Full Images

2022 Bronco Raptor Details & First Full Images

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor

Heralded by Ford as a "Desert-racing, rock crawling, most powerful street-legal Bronco ever released", the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor has now been revealed in all it's glory. Bringing the best of the F-150 Raptor and new Bronco Raptor specific competition-level off-road tech and hardware, we'll be seeing these on the trails as soon as summer 2022. In the early hours of January 24th, Ford released images, video, and lots of details about the internally named project 'Warthog', now confirmed as the 2022 Bronco Raptor. Inspired by Ultra4 Racing's King of the Hammers, it will be on display at the upcoming event. Does Ford mean to say it will be racing in the event, or literally just 'on display?' Perhaps they'll give race attendees a demonstration at least? We'll find out soon as the King of the Hammers begins on January 27, and finishes February 5 in Johnson Valley, CA. Specifically on February 3 when the Bronco Raptor will be in attendance.

Bronco Raptor Axles


Ford Performance has introduced a boxed high-strength steel frame to the new Bronco model, featuring new shock towers to increase wheel travel. Ford Performance axles, used on the Bronco DR, further upgrade the Raptor's off-road performance and increases the track width by 8.6-inches. Couple this with it's fender flares, it sits a total of 9.8-inches wider than a standard Bronco. There is a rear semi-float Dana 50 Heavy-Duty AdvanTEK axle, and a Dana 44 AdvanTEK axle with upgraded half-shafts in the front. The front and rear driveshafts were designed larger to accommodate it's increased torque. The undercarriage is protected with heavy duty bash and skid plates for front-to-rear protection. It's minimum ground clearance is now 13.1-inches, nearly 2-inches more than the Bronco Wildtrak & Sasquatch package.

Bronco Raptor Rock Crawling


The suspension is being upgraded with the Raptor's HOSS (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension) 4.0 Race Suspension System with Live Valve tech. Essential to this new system are the FOX 3.1 Internal Bypass Semi-Active Dampers. Suspension height sensors sit at every corner that continuously adjust suspension tuning based on sensor readings flowing in at hundreds of times a second. Altogether, this increases wheel travel to 13-inches in the front and 14-inches in the rear, which is a 60% / 40% improvement on the base model. Included with these suspension improvements are standard 37-Inch KO2 all-terrain tires (37x12.50R17LT). Ford Performance 17-inch x 8.5-inch beadlock-capable wheels are available to add-on.

2022 Bronco Raptor Engine


Underneath the new vented, sheet-molded compound hood is an exclusive twin-turbo 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine that boasts a promised 400+ horsepower. Final stats on horsepower and torque have not been released at this point, but should be forthcoming in the coming weeks. New intercooling and air-induction systems were designed to withstand high, desert temperatures. The engine also cuts down on weight and adds increased durability with it's compacted graphite iron-block.

The 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission is tuned for both high-speed desert driving and rock crawling. The Raptor features a true dual-exhaust system with near-equal-length pipes that presents a nicely tuned exhaust sound. There are four selectable exhaust modes: Normal, Sport, Baja, and Quiet (for your HOA.)

Each of the 7 GOAT Modes (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) available across 2021 Bronco models are included in the Raptor model. The Baja mode is uniquely tuned and activates a turbo anti-lag calibration for running hard across whoops in the desert. Trail Control, Turn-Assist, and One-Pedal Driving features are also carried over to the Bronco Raptor. Towing capabilities have been improved by 1000-pounds, with a tow rating of 4500-pounds.

Bronco Raptor Vented Hood


The overall look of the Bronco Raptor is much more aggressive and powerful than the standard models, but many of these changes are for the sake of performance. Several external parts are updated for the Raptor model including the vented hood for heat extraction, quarter panels, and fenders & fender flares. The front flares are vented, and the fenders above them include bodyside heat extraction ducts for additional engine cooling. Of course, with this model comes the bold FORD lettering and trio of marker lights on the grille synonymous with the Raptor brand. Available body colors for the 2022 model include Code Orange, Hot Pepper Red Metallic, Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat, Velocity Blue Metallic, Area 51, Cactus Gray, Shadow Black, Oxford White, Iconic Silver Metallic, and Eruption Green Metallic.

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Interior


Numerous improvements are found in the interior of the Bronco Raptor, while some features are familiar to standard Bronco models. The 12-inch horizontal digital cluster display has been upgraded with the new Performance View. This new mode displays the tachometer and gear readings prominently, while also allowing for customization of the gauges. The Code Orange stitched steering wheel features paddle shifters, something for the hard-core desert racers out there. Many other elements of the interior are accented with Code Orange, such as the GOAT mode dial, dash vents, Bronco logo, contrast stitching, and more. Standard in the Bronco Raptor are Black Onyx vinyl bolstered racing seats and rubberized washout flooring, perfect for those who go doors-off in the mud and the sand. These can be upgraded to neo-suede seating and carpeted flooring if you're more of a clean-cut driver. The cross bars in the upper body were designed to provide a superior 50% body-in-prime torsional rigidity, which is important for high-speed desert runs and boulder-strewn trails.

The High Package comes standard with the Raptor, featuring a 12-inch touchscreen, an info on demand panel, and enhanced voice recognition. It also includes an exterior 360-degree trail camera. This can be upgraded with the Lux Package, bringing with it Adaptive Cruise Control and a 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system.

Bronco Raptor and Standard Bronco Side by Side


Those who are eager to get their mitts on the new Bronco Raptor will be able to place an order some time in March. However, Ford stated very clearly that "a majority" of 2022 Bronco Raptors will be allocated for those who already have a Bronco reservation and choose to upgrade it. Ford also stated that they'll be reaching out to all reservation holders soliciting interest in the new Raptor model. Those of us without reservations may have to wait until 2023 to get one, so consider placing a reservation as soon as possible in order to minimize your wait! The first wave of Bronco Raptors will start hitting dealerships sometime this summer.

We at ADD Offroad can't wait to get our hands on one, and we will be releasing our full line of bumpers & accessories for the Bronco Raptor. Check out our offerings for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco models to get an idea of what's to come. Are you getting a Bronco Raptor and would like a free ADD bumper or two? Let us know and your vehicle can be part of the R&D process.


Ford's Bronco Raptor Reveal Video

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