2022+ Tundra Winch Front Bumper

2022+ Tundra Stealth Fighter Front & Rear Bumpers on the Way

Our Stealth Fighter line is in development for the 2022+ Tundra. We've got the Front Bumper and winch plate completed and are nearing completion on the Stealth Fighter rear bumper. The front bumper is winch capable, and includes a heavily reinforced winch mount. At the center of the bumper a 40-inch Radius style LED light bar, or 10 LED cube lights, can be mounted with the cleanest tolerances possible. At either side of the bumper is a mount for a single cube light each. With these light options combined, you'll have all the trail lighting you could need!

We've snapped a few sneak peaks of the 2022+ Tundra front bumper and winch plate as they sit in our R&D department waiting for the Stealth Fighter rear bumper to be finished. Should we make an overland or chase rack for the new Tundra?

2022+ Tundra Winch Front Bumper

Stealth Fighter Winch Front Bumper & the Winch Plate. You can see the center light cutout and mounts for 10 cubes or a 40" Radius Light Bar.

2022+ Tundra Winch Front Bumper

Side cube light mount and front parking sensor cutouts are seen here. The cube light panel is aluminum alloy finished in Satin Black, while the rest of the bumper is steel and finished in a matte Hammer Black powder coat.

Recent News: Tundra SX Package Added to 2023 Lineup

Just like the 2023 Tacoma's available SX package, the 2023 Tundra SR5 will carry the option for the SX dark gray and black design elements. This package includes 18-inch dark gray wheels, black body trim, door handles, the rear bumper's center segment, and the 4X4 badge on the gate. The interior accents will also be black.

2023 Tundra SR5 with SX Package

Love the black trim accents, but we're not so sure about those wheels..


  • Travis

    Will you be making a Stealth Fighter that fits the Hybrid Tundra?

  • Jeff Bloam

    All the sensors still work in drive mode with this bumper? Appreciate you.
    Addictive Desert Designs replied:
    Hi Jeff, Yes, we have designed these bumpers to retain the parking sensor functionality. ________________________________

  • Ian W.

    Do you guys need a 2023 Tundra Pro for bumper testing/fitment? I’ll loan you mine…

  • Hashem Naji

    I would like to reserve front and back bumper for my 2022 tundra limited v6 terbue Gaz.
    And I will post it in YouTube when my sport store doing installation.

  • Omar

    when are you going to have the front and back bumpers for the 2022 tundra?
    any pictures of them installed?

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