Addictive Desert Designs Releases All New 2015 Ford F-150 Front Suspension Kit

Addictive Desert Designs, an industry leader in design and innovation is proud to bring the first 2015 Ford F-150 Front Suspension Kit to market. After several months of research and development with experience from the top people in the racing industry, they have built an all new suspension kit which will widen the track width by 7" and increase the wheel travel making it a very capable off-road truck.

"Make no mistake about it, the all new Ford F-150 is a beautiful truck with some impressive upgrades and here at Addictive Desert Designs we wanted to give you even more options for this truck that allow you to customize it the way you want." says Jared Hare, Addictive Desert Designs Director of Sales and Marketing. "As leaders in this market for our innovation, we believe being first to market with this new kit will change the Ford F-150 market."

The new kit will consist of wider Upper Control Arms, wider Lower Control Arms, extended Billet Aluminum Tie-Rods, Fox Shocks, Full Replacement Spindles, and all of the hardware associated with installing the kit. The kit will increase the front suspension travel to an impressive limited 11.7". Pair this with the Addictive Desert Designs Rear Suspension Kit for the new F-150 and you will have the ultimate off-road machine.


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