Raptor R Moody Lighting

Confirmed – F-150 Raptor R Bumper Fitment

We recently brought in the new 2023 Raptor R to test fit our line of ADD bumpers available for the standard Gen 3. By and large, all of our bumpers fit as perfect as they do on the regular Raptor model. However, there are a couple exceptions which we cover below.

The Scan

While it may look like the same truck with an “R” emblem on the grille, we still must verify fitment prior to claiming it. So, what is the process when a new truck hits our shop? First order of business is a 3d scan.

We use a Faro arm, which delivers extremely accurate CAD renderings. As important as the grille/front valance shape are to the bumper fitment, what we are really after with the Raptor R is what sits behind the bumper. This makes the biggest difference to us. The front bumper is removed to reveal an intercooler much different than the normal Raptor. A scan is taken, and we move on.

Scanning Raptor R

The Results

All of our front & rear bumpers and accessories fit the F-150 Raptor R except for one of the front bumpers, the ADD PRO Frame Cut. Additionally, our winch kits for the Stealth Fighter and the Pro Bolt-On are not compatible with the Raptor R. 

Why Doesn't the ADD PRO Front Bumper or ADD Winch Kits Fit the Raptor R? 

In the normal Raptor, we offer a replacement intercooler that sits behind the grille instead of sitting in the factory position behind the bumper. This opens the space behind the bumper and allows us to set a winch in that space. The new intercooler also gives us the clearance we need to run a frame-cut bumper. Since the Raptor R has a much different engine with a different type of forced induction (supercharger vs turbocharger), it has a different intercooler setup. We do not have an option to replace the factory intercooler with so we cannot open that space behind the bumper. Consequently, we cannot fit a winch kit or a frame cut bumper on the Raptor R. 

Which Front Bumpers fit the Raptor R?

Phantom Front Bumper
Stealth Fighter Front Bumper (cannot use the add-on winch kit)
HoneyBadger Front Bumper
HoneyBadger Front Bumper with Top Hoop
Bomber Front Bumper for Baja Designs
Bomber Front Bumper for Rigid
Bomber Front Bumper for Dual 20-Inch Light Bars
Pro Bolt-On Front Bumper (cannot use the add-on winch kit)

Raptor R Phantom Front Bumper

Which Rear Bumpers fit the Raptor R?

All of them! View all of our Raptor R Rear Bumpers.


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