Ford Raptor Front Bumper: V1 vs V2 Comparison

Ford Raptor Front Bumper: V1 vs V2 Comparison


By now we are sure you are very familiar with the ADD PRO Bolt-On V1 and V2 Front Bumpers. While both products for the 2017-2020 Raptor are among our top-sellers, we often get asked what the difference between V1 and V2 is... SO, here is a simple and easy-to-understand guide on similarities and differences for the two front bumpers.




  • Both have the same radius main tube, which sits flush to the front of the truck
  • Both retain OEM tow hooks
  • Both work with OEM intercooler
  • Both are fully bolt-on

Obviously we want both versions of the PRO Bolt-On to sit perfectly flush on the front end of your truck, so no difference there. Both V1 and V2 retain standard OEM tow hook and OEM intercooler functionality which makes the customization process even easier. Finally, and most importantly, both front bumpers are fully bolt-on - NO cutting, NO drilling!

The main differences in the V1 and V2 are located in the aesthetics; lighting options and skid plate construction.


  • Lighting Options
    • V1 - 20" Radius LED Bar
    • V2 - 4 Round Lights (Either Rigid 360 6" Lights or Baja Designs LP4 Lights)
  • Skid Plate
    • V1 - .120" Wall Steel Tubing with 1/8" Aluminum Panel
    • V2 - Full 3/16" Aluminum Skid Plate

Depending on preference, you can choose either the V1 and its 20" LED light bar or go with the Rigid 360/Baja Designs LP4 Round lights on the V2. We might be biased but both look great and function well on the trails.

Last is the skid plate. Both versions are proven to withstand the rough terrain of your offroad adventures whether it be the .120" wall steel tubing on the V1 or the V2's full 3/16" Aluminum Skid Plate. Here again it comes down to visual preference as both plates get the job done.

As always if you have additional questions or comments feel free to give us a call at 480-671-0820 and don't forget to keep it tuned to the ADD Blog for all your offroad news, updates and more!


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