Ford Raptor - The Third Generation

Ford Raptor - The Third Generation

The hype is always strong when Ford Motor Company is about to release a new Raptor, and the new teaser video tells us the full reveal will be on February 3rd. In recent months there have been a lot of spy shots of test trucks surfacing. These shots have given some insight into what the 2021 Ford Raptor might have, but there are some big questions left to answer.

Coil Spring Rear Suspension

This is an exciting confirmation that's been known for a while now. Spy shots clearly show that the leaf spring setup we've seen in the past two models has been ditched in favor of a coil spring. Coil springs are a better choice for high speed off-roading, as they open the opportunity for progressive rates and a four-link setup. A clear competitor of the Raptor, the Ram TRX, has also adapted this style of suspension, which has been present on the regular Ram trucks for quite a while.

V8 Engine

This is the big question and what I assume most people will want to learn in the big reveal. The second generation Raptor introduced a twin turbo V6 option in favor of the previous generations 6.2l V8. This became a topic of controversy as die hard fans of the first generation claimed you couldn't have a Raptor without a V8, even though the V6 counterpart made more power than its predecessor. There's now a new rival that sports a supercharged V8 Hemi. Will this be enough to convince Ford that putting a v8 in the Raptor is a good idea?

Raptor Reveal

When is the reveal and where can we watch it?

The reveal will be shown live on Ford's Youtube channel (no link provided yet) on Feb 3 - 11am EST.

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