2017 Raptor Rear Bumper Removal

2017 Raptor Rear Bumper Removal


"I'm looking to remove my rear bumper off my Raptor and was wondering how to get it off. Can someone let me know how to do it or is there a video of how to do it? Thanks!"

Since we get this question asked so many times, we have made you a step by step install guide that anybody can use regardless of experience. With that being said, follow these 10 easy steps for a safe removal:


  • Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Park the vehicle on level ground and set the emergency brake.
  • Please reading through this entire guide before performing removal.
  • You will need the following tools:
    • T40 Torx Socket

How do you remove the 2017 Raptor rear bumper

  1. Unplug the electrical connector on the back of your trailer light plug, then remove the plug by pushing in the two tabs and pulling it out the front of the bumper. (Fig A)
  2. Take off your license plate.
  3. Remove your license plate lights from their housing.
  4. Remove the parking sensors (x4) from their outer mounting rings. Simply spread the two tabs on the back of the mounting ring to allow the sensors to push out the back of the ring. Leave the mounting rings in the bumper for now. (Fig B)
  5. Carefully pull the plastic center piece of the bumper off. There are no tools required for this step, it pulls off by hand. (Fig C)
  6. Using a T40 Torx Bit, remove the bolts (x5) holding on each metal side piece. (Fig D)
  7. Remove the plastic clips (that hold the parking sensor harness in place) from the metal bumper ends, then remove the metal bumper ends from the truck. (Fig E)
  8. Remove the parking sensor mounting rings from the OEM bumper. Do this by pressing in the two tabs on the back of the ring and pushing them out the front of the bumper.
  9. Remove the license plate light housings from the OEM bumper. Do this by pressing in the two tabs on the back of the housings and pushing them out the front of the bumper.
  10. Prepare to install your new ADD 2017 Ford Raptor aftermarket bumper.
ford raptor rear bumpers

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our 2017 Ford Raptor experts at (480) 671-0820. Once you have the rear Front Bumper installed, complete the look with our other 2017 Ford Raptor parts & accessories.


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