Is this the new Ford Raptor Ranger

Is this the new Ford Raptor Ranger


New images emerged on Auto Blog today of a possible rendering of what the new Ford Raptor Ranger looks like and boy does it look nothing short of epic!

New Ford Ranger Raptor

More details still need to be published from Ford but we know the Ranger Raptor is probably making its debut sometime late 2018/2019. The Raptor is scheduled to return to the US in 2019 but it's unclear if Ford will use the global truck or an all-new model, either way we cannot wait to start producing some awesome aftermarket products for it.

2019 Ford Raptor Ranger

As leaders in the Ford Raptor aftermarket industry, we love the full-size Ford Raptor and our products have been seen all over the world.

Engine and power information still need to be released from Ford directly but if they want to compete with the Chevy Colorado ZR2 they need to bring their A game here's a list of possibilities:

  • EcoBoost Engine
  • Turbocharged 4 cylinder?!
  • 2.7-liter EcoBoost that's already available in the larger F-150 Series
  • 10-speed automatic?
New Ford Ranger

Either way, we'll just have to sit and wait from the final word from Ford! As mentioned before, the bigger question is who will dominate this market? This new Ranger or the new ZR2? That is the question...

Ford Raptor Ranger


Chevy ZR2 vs Ford Ranger

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