The New ADD Ford Raptor Lower Control Arm

Addictive Desert Designs is pleased to announce our new Lower Control Arm for the Ford Raptor

Addictive Desert Designs leads the market in innovation and we are proud to announce the release of our new Lower Control Arms. After several months of research and development with experience from the top people in the racing industry we have built a lower control arm that will change the Raptor market. This new Lower Control Arm will not only enhance the drive of the vehicle, but upgrading it will make it handle better, offer more predictable controlling, and allow you take even heavier abuse in your off-road adventures.


The ADD Lower Control Arm will work with a stock shock or aftermarket shock and the arm can work with a stock spindle or can be upgraded to our new ADD Spindle. It is made using 3/16" steel plate, Race Quality Bushings and Stainless Steel Spacers making it the strongest Lower Control Arm on the market.


The new Ford Raptor Lower Control Arm was developed to accept a stock shock, an aftermarket 3.0" shock, or our dual Fox Racing 3.0" bypass setup for total control and adjustability. The engineering team at ADD spent a great deal of time perfecting the geometry that was needed to make the best optimized product for your off-road adventure and racing needs. The arms are CAD designed, laser cut, built in precision jigs, powder coated grey and are ready to install and are complete with all the necessary hardware and spacers you will need. Combine this with our new 2010-2014 ADD Ford Raptor Replacement Spindle, FOX 3.0 Coil-Overs, and bypass shocks to take your Raptor Suspension to the next level.

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  • Ahmed Alsudairy

    Hi there, i have the add lower control arm installed to my car, and the right lower ball joint needs to be replaced is there a specific ball joint or just a raptor ball joint.

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