Nissan Titan Venom Front & Rear Bumpers

Nissan Titan Venom Front & Rear Bumpers


Revealed at the 2016 SEMA Show, our brand new Nissan Titan Venom R front bumper and matching Venom rear bumper are now available for second generation Nissan Titans.


Nissan Titan Front Bumper

Transform the front end of your truck with our Nissan Titan Offroad Bumpers. Featuring a radius front tube to give it a tight fit to the front of your truck, leaving only enough room for a light bar on top. We've constructed this bumper from both steel and aluminum to give you the perfect balance of strength and weight. The center slot features our universal lighting system, which allows you to mount any combination of lights up to a 30" radius light or 8 cube lights. On the top of the bumper, you have the option of mounting a 40" radius light bar, or you can leave the top plate on it and use only the center light mounts. Not only will this bring a whole new style to your Nissan Titan truck, but it gives you a much better approach angle and is fitted with an integrated skid plate to protect important front end components.






Nissan Titan Rear Bumper

The Nissan Titan Venom rear bumper takes that pre-runner look of our Venom R front bumper and brings it to the rear of your vehicle. The dimple died top and side panels are CNC laser cut for precise fitment. The panels are made from aluminum to save weight, but the main tubes are steel to provide you with extra strength and protection for your rear end. This bumper has the option of backup sensor cutouts and retains the factory tow hitch. All our bumpers are completely bolt-on, with no cutting required.







  • Garrett

    Is there a spec sheet available for the old version, as well as the new? I also own a 2012 Titan PRO 4X with the rear bumper installed, but wasn’t fast enough to get the front before they were discontinued. My welder is pretty talented and could likely fabricate a mounting plate to adapt the new style if it wasn’t too far out. Worst case scenario, I’d install it on my 2023 Titan XD.

  • Steve

    Is the Nissan front bumper winch compatible?

  • Christopher Johnson

    Trying to find the front bumper but i see its discontinued and i cant find anyone that has one is stock. Can u help?
    Addictive Desert Designs replied:
    Unfortunately, we no longer have that in stock and have discontinued sorry about that! ________________________________

  • Francisco Porras

    Is it available for a 2012 Nissan Titan pro 4 × 5.6 v8 ?
    Addictive Desert Designs replied:
    Not at this time, hopefully soon we can expand to various makes and models! ________________________________

  • Daniel Fermaglich

    HI, I am looking for a bumper like your Viper bumper for my 2021 Nissan Titan. I have looked all over and you seem to be the only company that made one. I know you are not making it anymore, but I was wondering if there are any lying around, maybe:) ? Is there any way you could make one. I really like the Titan. I have had a few F150s and this is my 2nd Titan. I personally like it better. I would like to modify it into a more RAPTOR like vehicle and the bumper is a great start. If we could do this I would certainly promote on Social media. I hope we can work something out.
    Addictive Desert Designs replied:
    Hi Daniel! Unfortunately, we no longer have that bumper in stock. Sorry about that man! ________________________________

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