Toyota Tundra Front Bumper Replacement

Toyota Tundra Front Bumper Replacement


Whether you just bought a new or used Toyota Tundra or you were involved in a car accident and with the insurance company writing you a check, you decided to upgrade and make your truck stand out from the norm. At Addictive Desert Designs we make the decision process easy when looking to replace that Toyota Tundra OEM Front Bumper.

We offer a wide selection of high quality Tundra Bumpers ranging from 2007 to 2018. Whether you want a rugged appearance like our HoneyBadger or a bumper that wraps around the front of your truck like the Venom line, we have something for everyone depending on size, terrain, style, and most importantly, budget.

Before you select a bumper, you need to decide what type of bumper do you really need. Do you off-road frequently and are looking for clearance while maintaining a sleek, subtle look? Or do you want something that big, bold and rugged and protects your investment in those rural areas from mother nature? Or do you want something where you can accessorize the heck out of it from winches to LED Lighting? Before you decide, let's break down all our front bumpers and decide which one is right for you:

Toyota Tundra Venom Front Bumper (2007-2018)

The Venom Front Bumper was designed to maintain factory lines. This unique design sets this bumper apart from other bumpers and demand attention as you drive by.

  • Lower Light Bar Mount
  • 100% Bolt On
custom replacement truck bumpers
off road tundra bumper

Toyota Tundra HoneyBadger Front Bumper (2014-2018)

The HoneyBadger product is made to the mold the front of your truck and built using 3/16" Mild Steel Construction. If you need a bumper with a winch, you are in luck. This bumper comes with an optional winch mount.

  • Top 40" Light Bar Mount
  • Lower 20" Light Bar Mount
  • Side 10" Light Bar Mounts
  • Aluminum Skid Plate
  • Side Panel Inserts
  • D-Ring Mounts
  • 100% Bolt On
offroad truck bumpers

Toyota Tundra Stealth Front Bumper (2007-2013)

The Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Front Bumper is a hybrid design of our traditional Standard Pre-Runner Bumper, while incorporating the enclosure of our Venom Bumper.

  • Stealth Panels Included
  • Top Mount for 30" LED Light Bar
  • Laser Cut Skid Plates, Tabs and Plates for a precise fit
  • 100% Bolt On
aftermarket bumpers

Toyota Tundra ADD Lite Front Bumper (2007-2018)

Our newest bumper for the Tundra, the ADD Lite is stout, yet easy on the wallet. The ADD Lite contours the front of your truck, includes a low-profile skid plate that does not attach to the truss, which allows for a suspension kit to be installed if needed.

  • Top universal light mount system, up to 10 Duallys
  • Low profile skid plate
  • Optional top hoop
  • 100% Bolt On
toyota tundra front bumper
tundra front bumpers

At Addictive Desert Designs, we engineer and build and manufacture high quality truck bumpers right here in our 80,000 square-foot product facility. Our goal is design and engineer the world's toughest and visually appealing Toyota Tundra Bumpers. Our selection of off-road style, ranch style, and clean aftermarket style bumpers have given you some thoughtful consideration for some upgrading that beast of a truck. Whether you need something to protect you in rural areas or looking for something that is sleek that will turn heads as you drive by in the city, or if you are looking for a clean aftermarket look that are winch ready and mounts directly to the frame so no drilling is required, Addictive Desert Designs is for you.

If you have any questions on our Toyota Tundra Front Bumpers, which bumper is right for you? How does the universal lighting work? Can a certain bumper carry a winch? How do I install? These questions can all be answered by our Toyota Tundra Product Specialists. They can be reached at (855) 233-8992 or by email at


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