We've Released the PRO Bolt-On Series of Front & Rear Bumpers for the TRX!

We've Released the PRO Bolt-On Series of Front & Rear Bumpers for the TRX!

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ADD Offroad has released it's PRO Bolt-On Series of Ram TRX Front and Rear Bumpers, to join the current TRX lineup of Bomber and Stealth Fighter bumpers. These Baja style bumpers are known for their extremely high clearance and low profile. It's tubular steel structure coupled with steel plates protect your truck and give it a more aggressive stance over factory bumpers. A 3/16-inch aluminum skid plate provides further protection to the front end, without adding unnecessary weight. The PRO Bolt-On Front Bumpers are available in Sensor or No-Sensor versions.


Ram TRX Front Bumper Light Hoop


The center of the bumper features an inset mounting point for either a 30-inch radius light bar, or up to 8 cube lights. There's an optional add-on light hoop that can be bolted onto the bumper, which has mounting points for four 6-inch round lights. This is perfect if you'll be doing some off-road driving in low-light conditions.


Ram TRX Rear Bumper


The rear bumper takes all the best features and style of the front bumper, and brings it to the rear of the truck. It's mix of tubular and plate steel provides superior protection to the rear end. It's low profile style leaves room for the exhaust, and also leaves the OEM tow hooks intact. There are two rear facing cube light mounts integrated in the bumper, in a protected place between two steel tubes. The PRO Bolt-On Rear Bumpers are available in Sensor or No-Sensor versions.



Browse the PRO Bolt-On and our other lines of bumpers on our Ram TRX page!


  • ADD Offroad

    Hi Raff! You can find our full lineup of TRX front & rear bumpers on the following pages:

    Thank you!
    ADD Offroad

  • Raff Costa

    Hi I’m wanting to know which of the bumpers you can put a winch on for a trx.
    Regards Raff

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