Springfield Armory Legacy 2017 Ford Raptor

Springfield Armory Legacy 2017 Ford Raptor



Springfield Armory and Addictive Desert Designs have joined forces to build the ultimate tactical vehicle package never before offered that debuted at the 2016 SEMA Show. Working with the all-new 2017 Ford Raptor platform, we built custom accessories that accent and emphasize the firearm enthusiasts. With AR500 armored bumpers to the newest product to hit the firearms market from Springfield Armory, this truck build is the ultimate package for anything you may be faced with in any condition.




Addictive Desert Designs has built custom AR500 armored HoneyBadger 2017 Ford Raptor front and rear bumpers to this one of a kind Ford Raptor. The HoneyBadger front and rear bumpers are one of our toughest designs yet with 1/8" external steel plating and 3/16" internal structure plating.

There are plenty of lighting options for the 2017 Ford Raptor HoneyBadger front bumper. With a universal light mount system on the top of the bumper it allows for multiple lighting combinations to mix and match any brand and size light for your offroad needs. Additional lighting comes standard on the HoneyBadger with mounts for 10" Rigid SR light bars and Duallys behind the side paneling, but for this tactical build AR500 armored plating encases the sides and front of the bumper.








To match the front of the truck a HoneyBadger rear bumper was installed to give the truck a final touch to its aggressive tactical look. Using the same AR500 armored plating to match the front the rear bumper packs a mean bite and provides additional rear lighting.








Addictive Desert Designs modular HoneyBadger chase rack for the 2017 Ford Raptor lets you mix and match pieces to give you the utility you need. With an optional roof rack that adds storage ability with convenient tie down locations and lockable storage boxes in the back. The tire mount gives you an additional spare tire if you need it; with space underneath the tire mount for storage space in the bed of your truck.

Both the main base HoneyBadger chase rack and roof rack upgrade offer mounting locations for additional lighting. With space for dual 50" light bars on the front of the roof rack and Rigid Dually mounts on the sides of the rack. The base rack includes 3 Oval LED lights rear facing to provide your bed with additional lighting.




To make the Springfield Armory Legacy 2017 Ford Raptor even more tactical Rigid Industries is introducing their brand new Adapt LED light bars that change instantly according to conditions. With their new Active View Technology, the Adapt LED light bar actively changes the beam pattern with vehicle speed.

Built-in accent lighting allows the Adapt to be set to any color in the light spectrum for a custom look. Included is a RIGID Dash Controller that allows intuitive control of the Adapt's beam patterns, Adaptive Mode, accent lighting, and presets. Available in 10-inch to 50-inch lengths, the 2017 Ford Raptor has dual 50" RIGID Adapt LED light bars installed on the front of the HoneyBadger roof rack.




Finalizing the build, Foutz Motorsports provided some very intriguing interior gun mounts. Multiple locations to mount and holster your weapons the Springfield Armory Legacy 2017 Ford Raptor is truly a unique one of a kind truck build.





Full Spec Sheet

  • ADD HoneyBadger Front Bumper
  • ADD HoneyBadger Rear Bumper
  • ADD Rock Slider Side Steps
  • ADD HoneyBadger Chase Rack
  • ADD Intercooler Relocation Kit
  • ADD Bump Stop Kit
  • ADD Tie Rod Adapter Kit
  • Alcon Brake Kit
  • Rigid Industries Lights
  • Kryptek Camo Wrap
  • BF Goodrich Tires
  • Fuel Wheels
  • FOX Shocks
  • Line-X Bed Liner

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