UFC Jon "Bones" Jones - Custom Ford Raptor

UFC Champion Jon "Bones" Jones got himself a Roush supercharged 590 hp custom Ford Raptor. This Ford Raptor is a complete custom build both externally and internally. On the outside, the truck is equipped with Forgiato wheels, Addictive Desert Designs bumper, and lifted with a Fabtech lift kit. It has a glossy black finish with red accents and matching wheels and interior. Underneath the hood the truck is equipped with a Roush Supercharger kit that allows it to reach a whopping 590 hp.






The Fabtech lift kit allows the truck to be equipped with larger tires mostly for aesthetic preference. Forgiato black and red accent wheels match the glossy black finish and red accents on the truck. The tires are low profile street tires not meant to be taken off-road.






The front of this Raptor is equipped with our Stealth Fighter Ford Raptor Bumper that gives the truck a very rugged and tough look. A 40" Rigid Industries light bar is mounted on the top of the bumper with a spot for a winch mount below.





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