Which 2021 Ford Bronco model to choose for off-road customization

Which 2021 Ford Bronco model to choose for off-road customization


This is a toss up between numerous Bronco trims, depending on what parts you are looking to customize. The Base model is an obvious choice due to it's lower sticker price and stripped down features. If you plan to spend money on a custom front bumper, suspension, and tires you might be better served picking up the Base stock build. But only if you don't plan on any of the more extreme off-road adventures, as it's lacking some of the higher performance features. Although all new models offer the choice between the 2.3L EcoBoost V4 engine with 310lb-ft of torque, or the 2.7L EcoBoost Twin Turbo V6 with 400lb-ft of torque if you want some extra power to overtake Wranglers on the trail.

2021 Ford Bronco front end
2021 Ford Bronco outer banks

As far as interior creature comforts are concerned, the Base model comes up short. So the Big Bend may be a better choice as it comes with heated seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum wheels, and remote start.

There are multiple other comfort and safety options available including Lane-Keeping and Cross-Traffic systems, dimming rearview mirror, ambient footwell lighting, 8" LCD touchscreen, and rear seat AC outlets.

2021 Ford Bronco outer banks interior

These first two models come with standard 4x4 with part time selectable engagement. Yet they're missing some common off-road features. That's when the Black Diamond model comes into the picture where we see rock rails, heavy-duty skid plates, rear-locking differential, steel front and rear bumpers, marine grade vinyl seats, and seven G.O.A.T. modes (Goes Over Any type of Terrain). This choice places you in the center of the pack with both features and price.

2021 Ford Bronco manual transmission

The Outer Banks model adds some additional exterior and interior features and options to enhance comfort and performance. Standard 18 inch black painted aluminum wheels, powder coated side steps, LED headlamps and taillamps, and the optional 12 inch LCD touchscreen and Bang & Olufsen sound system.

Ford's Badlands model cranks it up another notch with it's Advanced 4x4 with automatic on-demand engagement. This provides a total of four drive modes plus neutral, and continuously varies power to the front wheels. It comes standard with an improved Badlands suspension, electronic-locking front and rear axle, and front stabilizer bar disconnect. This is where we get into some serious off-road power.

The Wildtrak comes with all the best of the Badlands and it's own additional standard features! The more powerful 2.7L EcoBoost engine comes standard, as well as the Sasquatch package with 35 inch tires on 17 inch beadlock wheels, front and rear locking differentials, 4.7 final drive ratio, Bilstein position monotube shocks, and high clearance fender flares. This is your choice if you're looking for all the best that the new Ford Bronco has to offer, unless you were one of the lucky 7000 people to reserve the First Edition.

As you already know, the First Edition Bronco is already sold out. You'll only be able to admire one as it drives past you on the trail. This model combines the exterior of the Wildtrak, the interior of the Outer Banks, and the mechanicals of the Badlands. This is the ultimate version of the new Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco Badlands

Each of these models provides a higher level of performance or features than the last. This gives you a great range of options to choose the starting point for your off-road build. Addictive Desert Designs is developing front and rear bumpers, doors, roof racks and more for the 2021 Ford Bronco. And no matter which Bronco model you choose, you'll have these same ADD parts and accessories to enhance your off-road experience.

Surely you've heard the rumors about the Bronco Warthog? We discuss it here.

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