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2018 JL Front Bumper Installation

Published on 03/06/2018

Now that the stock bumper has been removed, it's now time to install your new Stealth Fighter Front Bumper. This install typically takes ~2 hours depending on experience and works best with two people. Let's get started!

1. **THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL** Cut the frame stilts just below the sway bar mounts. Follow the line shown in (Fig E). Make sure to paint over any bare metal when you are finished cutting.

jeep jl custom bumper install

2. If you have any lights or a winch to install on your bumper, now is a good time to do so. Please follow the light/winch manufacturer's guide for mounting/wiring information.

3. Set the supplied U-Nuts (x6) in place on your new bumper. (Fig F)

2018 jeep wrangler jl aftermarket front bumper installation

4. Drill the lower/outer bumper mounting holes to 1/2". (Fig G)

jeep wrangler jl aftermarket bumper install guide

5. Set the bumper into place on the vehicle. Install the supplied 3/8" Bolts (x6) and 3/8" Washers (x6) from the backside of the frame horns. Then, install the supplied 1/2" Bolts (x2), 1/2" Washers (x4), and 1/2" Lock Nuts (x2) into the outer/lower mounting holes. Leave these bolts loose for now. (Fig H)

2018 jeep jl custom bumper installation guide

6. Adjust the bumper so that it is straight in relation to the vehicle's grille. Then, torque the 3/8" mounting bolts to 20 foot pounds and torque the 1/2" mounting bolts to 70 foot pounds.

7. Stand back and enjoy your new ADD Stealth Fighter Front Bumper.

8. Check and re-tighten, if needed, all mounting bolts after 100 miles and periodically thereafter.

aftermarket jeep jl install guide

Now that wasn't so bad after all, was it?! Interested in more Jeep JL products? Be sure to check out our full product line for the Jeep JL including our new Rear Bumpers and Tire Carriers. This product is protected by one or more U.S patents. For more information on those patents, please visit:

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