2017 Ford Raptor Stealth Fighter Bumpers

2017 Ford Raptor Stealth Fighter Bumpers

ford raptor custom front bumper

Stealth Fighter Front Bumper

2017 ford raptor aftermarket stealth fighter front bumper

Addictive Desert Designs' Stealth Fighter front bumper for the 2017 Ford Raptor is one of our tightest fitting and most aggressive looking bumpers on the market.

The Stealth Fighter front bumper gives you the added protection that you would get from a steel plate bumper without any of the size and bulk. Designed to be close to factory measurements as possible, the Stealth Fighter front bumper keeps your Raptor protected from any off-road obstacles while still fitting nicely inside your garage.

winch ford raptor bumper

An optional winch mount is available for additional functionality by combining the Stealth Fighter front bumper with Addictive Desert Designs' Intercooler Relocation Kit for the 2017 Ford Raptor.

A modern radius plate design allows the Stealth Fighter to keep a tight fit around the front of your truck to match the factory design, while giving you the added protection of a steel plated bumper.

The center of the bumper has a universal light mount system that allows you to mount up to 10 cube lights or a 40" radius or straight LED, or anything in between to give your Ford Raptor the additional lighting setup that you need. Additional mounts for RIGID 10" SR LEDs behind the side panels give your Raptor even more lighting options.

Measuring only 1/2" farther from the grille than the factory bumper the Stealth Fighter gives your Raptor a tight fitting steel plate designed bumper.

custom aftermarket truck bumpers


Stealth Fighter Front Bumper Features

  • Optional winch mount
  • Modern radius plate design
  • Universal center light mount. Up to 10 cube lights or a 40" straight/radius LED.
  • Mounts for RIGID 10" SR LEDs on sides
  • Fully bolt-on
  • Measures only 1/2" farther from grille than factory
  • Reinforced clevis mounts
    • Designed to accept 3/4" D-Rings

ford raptor off road bumper


Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper


custom ford raptor rear bumper


Addictive Desert Designs 2017 Ford Raptor Stealth Fighter rear bumper is one of the slimmest bumpers you can buy for your Raptor. Measuring the same length from the tailgate as the factory bumper, the Stealth Fighter adds protection to your truck without adding bulk and size.

A unique style with sharp angles and recessed paneling follows the factory dovetail look and allows use of factory features such as parking sensors, tow hooks, and hitch. The Stealth Fighter comes standard with two rear face cube light mounts to give your truck additional lighting.


aftermarket truck bumper


off road bumpers


Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper Features

  • Sleek design fits tight to the truck
  • Compliments factory dovetail styling
  • Mounts for two rear facing cube lights
  • Retains factory tow hooks and dual exhaust
  • Compatible with factory backup sensors
  • Built with steel plating for add strength
  • Measures same distance from tailgate as factory bumper

ford raptor aftermarket rear bumper


custom off road truck bumper

Both front and rear Stealth Fighter bumpers are available to order now. Complete your Raptor truck build with our custom side steps and chase racks for the 2017 Ford Raptor.

For more information call (855) 233-8992 or email info@addictivedesertdesigns.com and one of our sales representatives can answer all your questions.

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