Our Bronco Wildtrak is on it's Way!

Our Bronco Wildtrak is on it's Way!

Our 4-door Bronco Wildtrak rolled off Ford's assembly line in Michigan late last month and it's on it's way to us here in Mesa, Arizona. So we're ramping up to mod it with loads of off-road goodies. Naturally, we'll be outfitting it with ADD Offroad front and rear bumpers. We're also working on half doors, tires, and other Bronco accessories.

The Wildtrak seemed to be the best Bronco for off-road customization. It comes standard with the Sasquatch package. This features 35-inch tires on beadlock capable 17-inch wheels, front and rear-locking differentials, and Bilstein position-sensitive monotube shocks. It's 10-speed transmission and 2.7L twin-turbo V6 ecoboost engine will power it over obstacles on the trail.

Here are some of the ideas we've had so far for our build. Now comes the hard part of deciding which one to execute. Stay tuned for our upcoming Bronco bumpers & accessories releases!


2021 Ford Bronco Bumper


2021 Ford Bronco Aftermarket Parts


2021 Ford Bronco Doors


2021 Ford Bronco Military Build


2021 Ford Bronco


2021 Ford Bronco with Half Doors


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