HoneyBadger Now Available for GMC Canyon

HoneyBadger Now Available for GMC Canyon


GMC Canyon Aftermarket Parts

Addictive Desert Design's popular HoneyBadger product line is now available for the 2015 to current GMC Canyon, as well as Chevy Colorado. Included in the HoneyBadger product line are front bumpers, rear bumper, and side steps for 4 door models. Our HoneyBadger aftermarket truck parts have been one of our most popular product lines since its introduction in 2014, and we are excited to expand it to Chevy and GMC trucks.




GMC Canyon Front Bumper

Our HoneyBadger front bumper has been one of our most recently popular bumpers for heavy duty trucks, as well as F-150 and Raptor. And now we are offering this steel constructed bumper for GMC Canyons and Chevy Colorados.

Offered in both winch and non-winch versions, the HoneyBadger front bumper allows for our universal light mount system in the top hoop that lets you to mix and match any size and brand light to fit your needs. A radius design to fit the mold of your truck also allows you to fit a radius light bar or a straight light bar in the top hoop to match your truck's style. In the center of the bumper is a mount for a 20" light bar also usable with our universal light mount kit to fit any brand light bar. On the sides a 10" Rigid SR light bar fits behind the panels.




Constructed from 3/16" and 1/8" American steel the HoneyBadger front bumper is made to mold the front of your truck and includes D-ring mounts.






GMC Canyon Rear Bumper

The HoneyBadger rear bumper is an award winning design with its patented lockable storage. Each side of the rear bumper includes a lockable storage unit that can be used to store tools or work equipment for easy access. Cutouts for cube lights on each side of the rear bumper allow you to equip your GMC Canyon with any additional lighting that you may require. Like our HoneyBadger front bumper for the GMC Canyon the rear bumper incorporates a bulky look that not only provides style, but protection to your truck.






GMC Canyon Side Steps

Like all our products, the HoneyBadger side step provides your truck with a slick looking aesthetic to make your truck stand out. Not only do our HoneyBadger steps look good on your GMC Canyon they provide functionality as well, with 3/16" and 1/8" American steel construction and dimple die aluminum step plates. Each step includes an LED light strip to provide illumination on the step to give visibility under darker conditions. Designed to fit 4 door models only.




Each of these aftermarket parts for the GMC Canyon are 100% bolt-on like many of our other products. If you are looking to add versatility and style to your GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado ADDOffroad can provide both.


GMC Canyon Before and After



  • ADD Offroad

    Hi Efraim & Cody,

    Unfortunately we have discontinued our line of bumpers for the GMC Canyon.

  • Efraim Meca

    Will this fit a 2021 canyon ?

  • Cody

    Hello I have a 2022 GMC Canyon and would like to order a front bumper if possible. Please let me know how I can go about placing a order.
    Thank you!

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